so you want to become a guroo?

Cycle Guroo is an indoor cycling studio that features, rhythm-based high-intensity cardio. Cycle Guroo is about breaking through barriers that hold you back in life and achieving what you desire on and off the bike. Our studio is a nurturing and compassionate community where everyone can share the gift of health and fitness, regardless of age, limitations, or athletic experience. 
We are looking for a group fitness instructors who embody, embrace, and understand the Cycle Guroo culture; to inspire one another to live our dreams as we pedal ambition, sweat passion, and believe in our TRUE INNER POWER, the GUROO within.

Our instructors are INSPIRATIONAL, OUTGOING, HIGH ENERGY, & AUTHENTIC! They have a unique way of teaching. With lots of personality and motivation, they are able to captivate the room of riders, and be able to push them pass physical, mental and emotional obstacles. We are looking to expand and grow our community and that starts with YOU!

During our 8-week Instructor Training Program we will expose you to our unique teaching methods, proper form, class structure, and most importantly learn how to inspire our riders to embrace and live as their own GUROO on and off the bike!

For more information please email us at:

Please include resume, photo, and cover letter stating what you love about Cycle Guroo, why you want to be an instructor, and any experience you have in the fitness field.