Launching Past Your Limiting Beliefs to Gain The Results You Want


Written By: Meghan Roddy

The big picture is an amazing thing and the big picture will come. You will attain it. But to get to the big picture you must go through the process. 

Love every step of the process. Embrace the struggles and the hiccups. They are apart of your journey to get to where you want to go. Put your passion into loving and understanding your body at every point. 

Appreciate yourself each time you get moving and do a workout. Thank yourself for every time you consciously choose to fill your body with nutritious foods. Practice gratitude for where you are at each and every day and you will see results. 

Sometimes results show up in the form of adding more resistance to your bike or losing weight on the scale. Sometimes it's losing inches and being able to fit into an old pair of pants. 

But the process is so much more than that. It's being able to walk up a flight of stairs and not getting winded. It's running around with your kids instead of setting them up in front of the tv because you're too tired to play. It's buying delicious produce and knowing where your food is coming from instead of putting your trust in the fast food industry.

The little things you do on a daily basis add up in big ways. Consciously eat one scoop of ice cream instead of binge eating the carton and you can save yourself hundreds of calories. On a busy day commit to a workout for 10 minutes and give your body the gift of movement; shut down bad DNA while giving your
mind the clarity that it needs to rock your busy day.