7 Reasons WHY WE out cycle EVERYONE else!

We strive to make your fitness journey pleasurable but challenging for the body & mind. We believe challenging the body & mind produces desired results. We are results-driven!

Here are our 7 Reasons WHY WE out CYCLE EVERYONE else!

1.   YOUR time is precious…
NO ONE, I don’t care who you are, wants to wait in line for a bike with hopes that you get a bike. Book your bike in advance online and make good use of your time. Walk in 5 minutes before class, throw your valuables in the lockable lockers, grab a towel, get on the bike, and power it out for 45 minutes.

2.   What’s your NAME again?!?  You NEVER have to worry about us not knowing who you are! We genuinely care about you because we know it is not easy to get out of the car and walk in the door. Feeling connected to your fitness community is an important stance that we take. We care!

3.   FLEXIBLE payment options… Commitment can be daunting and you already feel over committed. That is why you get to pay as you go, buy a 5 or 10 class pass, or cycle unlimited for the month.  Your choice! 

4.   FOCUSSED on cycling… We strive to bring you the best indoor cycling experience that you can get. From great classes, sweat towel provided, décor, amenities, teachers, any and all kinds of music you love, lighting, sound system, and more. We listen, tell us your favorite song!

5.   COMMUNITY supporting COMMUNITY… Building a community together is important to us.  The energy in the CycleDrome is contagious, you feel a sense of connectedness with the other riders and it feels good to be connected. Supporting the community outside of Time Trial is essential, we have Karma rides and charity rides to give back.

6.   RESULTS tracking… After each class you get an email with your stats so you can keep track of what you did in class. During class your results get displayed on the board but you can have them taken off, either way you still get an email.

7.   YOU matter… We are focused on providing you the best experience possible. We are dedicated to your fitness journey and are here for you along that journey. Our cycling instructors are diverse and knowledgeable in all areas of fitness. They are cross-fitters, tri-athletes, fitness competitors, marathoners, and over all wellness enthusiast. We love what we do! We are here for YOU and BELIEVE in YOU!

We don’t believe in coincidences in life, we believe life takes you exactly where you are meant to be at just the right time. We know that getting the workout in can be hard therefore we are here for you. Just get out of the car and walk in, we will guide you the rest of the way!


7 Reasons To Fall In Love With Indoor Cycling

1. Your Mind and Body connects. Music and rhythmic movement of the body releases energy, a sense of euphoria overcomes you, and your body opens up to new possibilities for change.

2. Body burning cardio. You can expend up to 600 calories in a 45 minute session. Your body will not stop burning calories when you are done, you just put your metabolize in forward motion.

3. Body Love. Low-impact cardio saves the body from injury and beating it up over time. Save your joints the pain and show the body some Love.

4. Time is on your side. Indoor cycling saves you time of having to prepare for an outdoor ride. It will give you training to help you perform better outside but you don’t have to spend time getting all your equipment ready. You are in and out. Workout done!

5. Safety First. Danger, Danger, warning Will Robinson! Let’s face it riding on the road can be dangerous. There is no danger in the CycleDrome. You don’t have to worry about anything else except your performance and getting what you need in your 45 minutes.

6. Sense of personal accomplishment. Truth is, it is not easy. Every time you complete an indoor cycling class you feel a sense of personal accomplishment. You feel good and life is supposed to feel good.

7. Sense of Community. When you are in a group cycling class you feel connected to everyone else that is riding. The energy in the CycleDrome is contagious and it feels good to be part of that energy.

We look forward to being part of your fitness journey. 


Step Out of Comfort

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be very difficult, especially when it comes to trying a new workout. We totally understand that and we want to make your fitness journey as safe as possible. That starts with proper bike set up! Here are key tips to make sure your bike is set up properly.
  • Foot Position:  If toe cages and straps are used, be sure the ball of your foot is aligned with the center of the pedal. The ball of your foot is the widest part and therefore the most efficient and comfortable position to pedal in. 
  • Seat Height:  Height of seat can improve the comfort and safety of your ride. Determining the right seat height is easy. Place your feet in the toe cages or clip into the pedals, rotate the pedals until one leg reaches the bottom of the pedal stroke. The that is at the bottom of pedal stroke should have a 25-35 degree bend in the knee.
  • Fore/Aft Seat Position:  The seats on our bikes move forward and backward, therefore your knees will be properly aligned relative to your feet. Sit in riding position with hands on handlebars and balls of your feet over the center of the pedals. Position the pedals so they’re level with each other. The front leg is where you check your alignment. When your seat is in the right position, your knee cap is directly above the center of the pedal. 
  • Handlebar Height:  The height depends on what you are comfortable with. Just make sure you do not feel strain on your neck, shoulders, or back.
Most importantly, if you are not sure of proper set up on the bike, you should ask an instructor and they would be more than happy to help you get the right fit. 


Get Outta' Your Mind


Being a fitness instructor for the last 15 years and knowing since the age of 13 that this was my calling, I have often found it strange when I can’t commit to taking care of my own self. Instructing classes, one could say, is getting your workout in, but is it really? My thought on this: NO, it is not.


When I instruct, it is not about me getting my workout in, it is about working with each person in the class and focusing on how or what they are doing. I am paying attention to their body alignment, tuning in energetically to how they are feeling, and emphasizing to each and every client the importance of how they showed up for themselves.


In order to succeed at anything, you have to GET OUTTA YOUR MIND! What do I mean by this? I mean you have to commit to yourself. This starts not at the first minute of doing your workout but at the start of the whole lead up: driving there, getting out of the car, and walking in the door. This is GETTIN’ OUTTA YOUR MIND. Your workout actually starts the moment you tell yourself YES you are going to workout and there is NOTHING that will stop you.


That is sometimes a problem for me and it’s a problem for many of our clients. I make a commitment to workout because I know that I need to, for my body AND for my mind, but then I don’t do it. My head gets in the way. I start thinking about all the things that I have to do. Cleaning the house, doing the laundry that’s been piling up for days, playing with my kids, prepping dinner, getting work that needs to be done off my checklist, calling or visiting my friends, or just organizing my life.


All these things have taken priority over my wellness before. They get stuck in my head so badly that I will drive to the gym and not get out of the car because I remember something that I have to do and it needs to be done then. This is false thinking. What really needs to be done is to GET OUTTA MY MIND! It takes practice to understand that the best thing that I can do at that moment is follow through, get out of the car, walk in the door, and ride or run like hell. The wellness journey is not called a wellness journey for no reason. It is called a wellness journey because you have moments like these where it is hard to GET OUTTA YOUR MIND and do what is most important for your body and mind: movement.


Movement does something magical to the mind and body. Whatever energy you have, that is not serving you well, gets released through each movement you make. Your mind becomes clearer after you’ve completed a workout.  A good workout will make you feel uplifted and connected to your inner self. A sense of appreciation and gratitude becomes clearer and you feel as if you accomplished so much. The wonderful thing is, it is true! You did accomplish so much. You did it! You GOT OUTTA YOUR MIND! 


Watch the YouTube video below that helps me remember to GET OUTTA MY MIND. I hope if you ever need help GETTTIN’ OUTTA YOUR MIND, you remember this or reach out to us at Time Trial Cycle. We love being part of your wellness journey!