It’s TIME to become your own guroo


Bursting with energy and inspiration, Cycle Guroo is not your ordinary indoor cycling class. With exhilarating music and passionate, indoor cycling instructors, you’ll feel euphoric when physical limits are pushed to the razor’s edge. Our instructors believe this edge clears mental obstacles and opens doors to personal wellness, empowerment, and confidence on and off the bike!







WHAT MAKES Cycle Guroo Indoor Cyling


When you enter the friendly doors of Cycle Guroo, judgment and fear are left behind.  Offering expert coaching and a variety of indoor cycling classes for all ages and fitness levels, the only person you have to be better than is who you were yesterday. We believe: You Are Where You Are and Where You Are Is Really Good, so let the process unfold and "just be" without judgment on yourself! Most importantly, allow your inner Guroo to come forth!

As the premier indoor cycling studio in Naples, we offer:

  • Stadium seating with plenty of elbow room to grind up the hills
  • Audacious sound system and LED lighting
  • Top of the line Stages SC3 bikes that provide constant display of RPM’s, Heart Rate, Calories Burned, Speed/Distance and Power.
  • Two massive flat screen TV’s to track your performance on the Performance IQ board
  • Post-workout reports emailed to measure your progress
  • Bottled water, towels, & shoe rental
  • Changing rooms, shower, and cubbies for your personal belongings. 



Since the age of 13, Charla Goodnight knew she was passionate about exercise and spirituality. Fueled by her desire to share the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of fitness with south Florida, she embarked on a mission to create a world-class indoor cycling studio. 

Cycle Guroo was founded on two simple principles:

  1. Create a nurturing compassionate community where everyone can share the gift of health and fitness, regardless of age, limitations, or athletic experience.
  2. Inspire one another to live our dreams as we pedal ambition, sweat passion, and believe in our TRUE INNER POWER, the GUROO within.


At Cycle Guroo, coincidences don't exist, WE believe in destiny.  We believe, and know, that life takes you right where you were meant to be at just the right TIME.  Drop by soon for a class – we can’t wait to meet you!