Get Outta' Your Mind


Being a fitness instructor for the last 15 years and knowing since the age of 13 that this was my calling, I have often found it strange when I can’t commit to taking care of my own self. Instructing classes, one could say, is getting your workout in, but is it really? My thought on this: NO, it is not.


When I instruct, it is not about me getting my workout in, it is about working with each person in the class and focusing on how or what they are doing. I am paying attention to their body alignment, tuning in energetically to how they are feeling, and emphasizing to each and every client the importance of how they showed up for themselves.


In order to succeed at anything, you have to GET OUTTA YOUR MIND! What do I mean by this? I mean you have to commit to yourself. This starts not at the first minute of doing your workout but at the start of the whole lead up: driving there, getting out of the car, and walking in the door. This is GETTIN’ OUTTA YOUR MIND. Your workout actually starts the moment you tell yourself YES you are going to workout and there is NOTHING that will stop you.


That is sometimes a problem for me and it’s a problem for many of our clients. I make a commitment to workout because I know that I need to, for my body AND for my mind, but then I don’t do it. My head gets in the way. I start thinking about all the things that I have to do. Cleaning the house, doing the laundry that’s been piling up for days, playing with my kids, prepping dinner, getting work that needs to be done off my checklist, calling or visiting my friends, or just organizing my life.


All these things have taken priority over my wellness before. They get stuck in my head so badly that I will drive to the gym and not get out of the car because I remember something that I have to do and it needs to be done then. This is false thinking. What really needs to be done is to GET OUTTA MY MIND! It takes practice to understand that the best thing that I can do at that moment is follow through, get out of the car, walk in the door, and ride or run like hell. The wellness journey is not called a wellness journey for no reason. It is called a wellness journey because you have moments like these where it is hard to GET OUTTA YOUR MIND and do what is most important for your body and mind: movement.


Movement does something magical to the mind and body. Whatever energy you have, that is not serving you well, gets released through each movement you make. Your mind becomes clearer after you’ve completed a workout.  A good workout will make you feel uplifted and connected to your inner self. A sense of appreciation and gratitude becomes clearer and you feel as if you accomplished so much. The wonderful thing is, it is true! You did accomplish so much. You did it! You GOT OUTTA YOUR MIND! 


Watch the YouTube video below that helps me remember to GET OUTTA MY MIND. I hope if you ever need help GETTTIN’ OUTTA YOUR MIND, you remember this or reach out to us at Time Trial Cycle. We love being part of your wellness journey!