What Reality Brings

Hello everyone,

Wow, time feels like it is going so slow but yet so fast because what we thought was our reality at one time, is something totally different now. Most of us can not remember what life was like 2 weeks ago. For those of you that remember, after the Great American Eclipse, I talked a lot about what you think your reality is and how it can change at any moment. Remember, reality is only a perception of what you are allowing your mind to experience and how you choose to respond to what you are seeing. I am not trying to express that Irma did not shift what we are now seeing or experiencing. This natural disaster definitely did! But, it also has pushed us into a reality of how do we want to respond and live in this New Earth or community we are now part of? 

Irma is asking us:

How do we want to treat ourselves?

Do we want to beat ourselves up with guilt or judgement for our choices?

How do we want to treat others?

Do we want to make others feel guilty or judge them for their choices?

How do we want to treat our community?

Are we going to be kinder to the environment that we live in?

How are we going to show up for those that we care about?

Are we going to take off the mask of illusion and get vulnerable with others?

Are we going to admit that we cry because we are sad or mad and that it is OK because our tears are emotional sweat that needs to be released so we feel better and show that it is OK for others to emotionally sweat also?

Are we going to rise above the turmoil of this experience, put the faith in ourselves to take action, and let higher power guide us on this wild ride we are on right now?

This event occurred to remind us of who we are, what we want, how we are going to lead, what we are capable of, and how are we going to respond to life when it gives us contrast.

The biggest question is: Are we and can we harness our inner GUROO so others feel the ability to do so also?

Trust me, I have had moments. I am eating WAY to much. I have been consuming my fair share of cocktails and staying up past 10:00 PM the majority of nights. Let's just say, my life is NOT what it was 2 weeks ago. I was in the North Carolina mountains for a week with Max, Jessica and kids. I then jumped on a plane to NYC to attempt to get re-inspired. I am sleeping on a friend's couch and at moments have felt extremely displaced. Basically, I am ready for my own bed. 

I have had moments of holy smokes: the studio has been closed for almost 2 weeks now due to no power. I am going nuts! What does this mean? Why am I experiencing this? Why am I not able to share my passion with others? How can I show up for people even when I am not there? Please Universe show me the way. And it is..... When I get silent in my head, when I get a text or an email from one of you, I remember what this is all for. It is to remind us that we are one and we are going to come back so strong from this physical break. Once power is restored in our community we are going to rebuild it and support those that need support the most. I am super excited about what is to come for us all. Please keep faith and trust in the inner GUROO that is YOU! You have this and it will not be long until we are back on those bikes and kicking your butts!!!! I see HIGH HIGH numbers on that board!!!

Unfortunately, we are still without power and they are scheduled to have it back on by September 22nd. 

Thank you for letting us be on your fitness journey. Thank you for letting us share our passion with you. You fuel our souls with YOUR PRESENCE!

Please know that ALL class passes and unlimited passes will have an extension added on to them. The extension date will be for the amount of time from Tuesday, September 5, 2017 till the date power is resumed. If you have a unlimited pass it will be extended as well and the billing date will be altered. We value each and every one of you so much! 

If you have any questions regarding your account, please do not hesitate to contact Charla: charla@cycleguroo.com

Please follow us on us on social media for updates. 

Sending positive energy everyones way,

Charla Goodnight
Cycle Guroo