Replenish after your workout!

I often get asked, “I am experiencing cramping in my legs, what do I do?” My response is ALWAYS hydrate, hydrate, hydrate WITH Electrolytes. Cycling classes are designed to be high-intensity and calorie burning. You are going to sweat a lot even if the fan is on you. Our goal is to make sure you work your butt off! When we workout, our bodies are using the energy and resources within to sustain the amount of force and energy we are exerting. A problem we often run into is replenishing the body with water but not the essential electrolytes (minerals) it needs to run effectively and efficiently through out the day.  When our electrolytes are depleted our inner body starts to malfunction. We get cramps and other displeasing side effects.

What are electrolytes? Electrolytes are the smallest chemicals in our body that allow our bodies to perform at optimum results. Some high sugar sports drinks claim to replenish your “electrolytes”. The energy you are getting is really a sugar HIGH! When choosing to replenish your electrolytes you want to make sure it has what you really need, not a temporary fix. These are the 5 electrolytes the body needs:

1.     Sodium
2.     Potassium
3.     Calcium
4.     Magnesium
5.     Bicarbonate

HELLO!!! Sugar is NOT on the list. Through much experiment, I have found the best way to add these electrolytes into my lifestyle is through Nuun tablets. I do not have any affiliation with this product besides being a consumer. I believe from the use of Nuun and I have tried tons of other products; my body is performing better than ever. I rarely experience cramping or the other side effects of electrolyte depletion.

You can get Nuun at Whole Foods, Naples Cyclery, Bike Route, or their website

If you have any questions, I would love to discuss in further.