How To Stay Committed....

Being in fitness for the majority of my life has been an interesting journey to say the least. I have went through many ups and downs. I have had times of gaining weight and not accomplishing whatever goal I set out to hit and have had times of staying on track and achieving exactly what I set out to accomplish. One thing I have learned for sure on this journey, is that one must have patience and endurance. 

I have had to learn patience with my body, for sure, and with my mental well being of where my body is. Everyday my body is not the same. It always depends on what I did the day before or even two days before. It truly depends on how I am living life and my mental state on how I perceive my life. From this, I have learned to have patience with the process of how the body can fluctuate and how to give it space to be where it is at any given point without judgement on it. 

From this body journey that I am on, I have recognized that I need to release judgment of myself and where I am at in this human process. This journey, I am on, has helped me have the endurance I need, to allow myself space to just be and know that being where I am, at any given moment, is vital to my forward movement and overall well-being. I feel we have had this concept of what working out is suppose to bring us and that we want to achieve a certain look. Therefore, we get impatient with the process because it is not happening as fast as we want it to, when really the journey we are on is to release all judgement we have on ourselves and fully love who we are and becoming.  If we can have the mental endurance to just stay and allow ourselves the space to be where we are with out the judgement that we are suppose to be something more in this moment, the journey will become a little easier and less of a struggle.