Believe in the Unseen ~ Faith





We are in the home stretch and 2018 is almost over! We realize there is a lot going on in life and this is a busy time of year. We are here for you! We want you to become your own Guroo in life and navigate life with ease. Therefore each week we are sharing one word. Instructors will mention that word throughout the week in classes for motivation. 

This week's word is: Faith.

Faith is a beautiful serene word that makes you stop and breathe into the moment that you are in. If you say the word 3 times you innately feel connected to yourself. But, what does Faith mean? Faith is the ability to believe in the unseen or that which you desire and is not in your current reality. To be in Faith, is to know that you can rest your mind and trust that your Universe is working for you. We know this time of the year can be challenging with everything going on, but breathe in and say the word Faith 3 times. While saying the word, allow your self to be in the moment of now with no worry of what needs to be done or what is next on the agenda.