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We are in the home stretch and 2018 is almost over! We realize there is a lot going on in life and this is a busy time of year. We are here for you! We want you to become your own Guroo in life and navigate life with ease. Therefore each week we are sharing one word. Instructors will mention that word throughout the week in classes for motivation. 

This week's word is: Faith.

Faith is a beautiful serene word that makes you stop and breathe into the moment that you are in. If you say the word 3 times you innately feel connected to yourself. But, what does Faith mean? Faith is the ability to believe in the unseen or that which you desire and is not in your current reality. To be in Faith, is to know that you can rest your mind and trust that your Universe is working for you. We know this time of the year can be challenging with everything going on, but breathe in and say the word Faith 3 times. While saying the word, allow your self to be in the moment of now with no worry of what needs to be done or what is next on the agenda.

11 Cycle Guroo Gift Ideas












1. The first item on our list this year is the

      Price: $200-$250

When it comes to frying food at home, we all love the crispy flavor – but not the extra fat! This gives you the opportunity to get your cravings of fried food but without all the guilt!




2.  One of Cycle Guroo’s fan favorites is back!! The Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

     Price: $79.95-$99.95

Music soothes the soul! The Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is probably the coolest speaker EVER! You can take it with you everywhere AND it is waterproof! Trust us, we know because we have kids.... Bonus: It is also an amazing price point!


3. Apple Airpods

    Price: $159.99

Ever get frustrated when all your headphones get tangled and it just ruins your motivation? You don’t have to worry with the Apple Airpods anymore. They’re wireless with 24-hour battery life with the charging case and 5 hours with one charge. AirPods provide rich, high-quality AAC audio. And when you want to be heard, dual beamforming microphones filter out background noise when you make calls or talk to Siri.



4. Lululemon Principal Dancer Hoodie

    Price: $99-$128

From commuting to the studio to staying cozy between rehearsals, this hoodie feels as good as it looks.


5. Cima Activewear

    Price: $50-$100

Missed out when Cima came to Cycle Guroo? Well no need to worry! Check out their affordable one size fits all leggings! They ensure absolute comfort and power so you can wear them for a workout or even around the house!


6. Class Passes to the one and only Cycle Guroo!

    Price: $170

As someone who loves working-out, receiving and giving class passes is one of the best things for me! It offers people new experiences and is especially good for the New Year!


7. Cocokind Skincare Gift set

    Price: $10-$50

Skincare is something that is vital for all humans. They also give back to the community through their own foundation. The Cocokind Impact Foundation provides financial grants to female entrepreneurs in health, wellness, and sustainability industries who are focused on creating social impact through business. So you can support others while taking care of yourself.


8. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

    Price: $38

This bag is made to be functional and carry all your necessities throughout your everyday life. It is a one size fits all that is also water-repellent.

belt bag


9. Treadbands

    Price $18 (Code: THANKS20)

Want some cute active wear? Try out Treadbands. They’re the nonslip headbands for athletes! They have different headbands so matter what type of activities you’re doing that day. They’re affordable and you can even make your own designs!


10. FitDiva Decks

     Price: $29.99 (on sale for by one get one w/ HOLIDAYBOGO)

Play your way to a fun filled sweat session! This deck has 52 cards and over 100 combinations of reps and moves that require no equipment, gyms, and can be done anywhere! Convenient for the avid traveler or if you just don’t want to drive to the gym that day.


11. MoMoxy

     Price: $3-$10

Did you know that everything you put on your body is absorbed? So, every time you see "do not consume" on a bottle of yours, it's still going into your body. MoMoxy was created to be all natural products that are good for your body inside and out. With all the harmful chemicals that are already in our everyday lives, we need to start by removing the ones that are going onto our body. MoMoxy has Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrub,Toner, Lip Balm,Lip Gloss, and Body Butter. With all the options to choose form you can’t go wrong! 

Naples Green Scene Partnership

We are very excited to be partnering with the Naples Green Scene. Naples Green Scene mission is to empower our community to reclaim health and vitality through plant-based nutrition and cuisine. We are honored to be partnering with them to help expand their reach and provide quality education to those that we serve throughout the community. Naples Green Scene will be hosting events in the community to educate and build awareness of how a plant based lifestyle can add to the quality of your life. One thing we really like about this organization is they are welcoming to all and not trying to convert everyone to plant based, they just want to educate!



We are super excited to be opening our second studio located at Logan Landings. Check out this article in Naples Daily News to get info on all the great places coming to Logan Landings.

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